Wednesday, March 20, 2013

contests // DIYcouture :: exotic frog scales

exotic frog scales designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

exotic frog scales {mock-up} designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V
(mock-up template courtesy of DIYcouture)

Time for a fashion contest. 
DIYcouture's brief made me wonder of an adventurous exploration of the deep sea and the dense Colombian rainforest. And it is there… among the unique Colombian fauna that I found myself lost in the bright colours and patterns of our many exotic frog species. I had my colour and pattern inspiration when it occurred to me that I could use one more: a repeat inspiration. Shark skin came immediately to mind, especially its particular structure (that I had studied once many years ago while in my bionic design lecture). 

Here it is how I imagine my exotic scale frog would look like…what do you think? 

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