Tuesday, February 18, 2014

teaching // Reign Repeats :: challenge 2 :: winner

Melissa Iwai and Emma Hawman! You are both the happy 1st-place winners of some fabulous books. 

Faye and I chose a winner each, and even though we both agreed that most of the designs answered the brief, we felt Melissa's and Emma's card and gift-wrap designs really complimented each other in a beautiful set.

E- I LOVE Valentine Candy by Melissa Iwai
C- LOVE confetti by Emma Hawman

Congratulations are in order to Sarah Price (2nd place) and Sarah H (3rd place) too. You guys were chosen by public vote and will also get a fab book each! (FIY> 279 people voted this past week... wow! thank you to everyone who stopped by, voted and/or commented! We closed the contest this morning at 6am [Colombian time])

H- Love Pattern by Sarah Price

G- Love by Sarah H

Girls, please email us your full name, postal address, phone number, and email 

Thank you again to all of the amazing designers that enter the challenge. You all created beautiful work!

Don't forget to watch out for some more exciting challenges soon. And if you are interested in our Skillshare classes please check out Reign Repeats and The Art of Typography by clicking on the links.

Friday, February 14, 2014

challenge // Valentine's :: week 2

Remember the Valentine's Design Challenge I decided to do? Well... here are the designs for the second and last week of it. I hope you like them. I'm turning them into printable cards to add to my MaJoBV Digitals Etsy shop (a bit too late for this year, but still can add them for future ones, right?) and I would love your feedback :) 

candy declaration designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
cake declaration designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
valenswine's designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
like, love, want designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
art luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
choco luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
valenstine's designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V

Thanks for stopping by, and... 

HAPPY Valentine's Day to you all!!!  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

teaching // Reign Repeats :: challenge 2 :: top 8

I can't believe our Valentine's Challenge has already come to an end. It seems I was just discussing about it with Faye last week. We were both hoping for a lot more engagement (we actually thought we would have to both choose our fav top 20), but we are still very happy with the 8 projects that were submitted, and with the large amount of new sign-ups we got over the last 2 months :) 

Thank you all who had the time to work on the project. We both know we all have busy lives and adding on new projects isn't always possible. So thank you! We really enjoyed looking through your process, and were amazed by your lovely creations! 

let's get back to business!
Over the next week, you'll be able to vote (once) for your favorite Valentine's card and gift-wrap. Just slowly scroll down and look at the designs, and then give your vote on the poll at the bottom of the page. Both Faye and I have already chosen the first 2 winners, and you'll be responsible of choosing the 2nd and 3rd places. If they happen to be the same we chose, we will just choose the next designer with the most votes. We will announce the four winners next Tuesday. 

Let's vote!
and don't forget to comment below to let the designers know what you think of their designs :)

A- LOVE by Delphine Lee

B- LOVE by Elizabeth Villacres

 C- LOVE confetti by Emma Hawman

D- Love by Lisa Harbin

 E- I LOVE Valentine Candy by Melissa Iwai

F- Valentine Love by Melanie Paul

G- Love by Sarah H

H- Love Pattern by Sarah Price


Saturday, February 8, 2014

challenge // Valentine's :: week 1

The fab Lesley Todd from a Finch Five launched the first Valentine Design Challenge this year. I found about it yesterday, and loved the idea so I decided to catch up and keep going with it until the end (February 14th). Below my designs for the first week. Designs that I've turned into cards and will soon be available on my MaJoBV Digitals Etsy shop :)

pefect luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
honest luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
eternal luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
impossible luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
sweet luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
girls luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V
boys luv designed by 2014 © Maria José Bautista V

Don't forget to let me know what you think... I'd love to know!
Happy weekend everyone :D

Sunday, February 2, 2014

teaching // Reign Repeats :: announcing challenge 2

so both Faye and I first announced our lovely challenge back in December, and I can't believe the deadline is already only a few days away. 

So what's the challenge about?

Design your perfect Valentine's card and matching gift wrap paper.

Guidelines // to participate you must:
  1. submit your final project to both classrooms (or just one), but remember you have to be signed up to both courses to win! - use code LOVE40 to get 40% off when you enroll Reign Repeats and The Art of Typography.
  2. create a coordinated greeting card and a patterned gift wrap design
  3. include the word LOVE in your project's title for us to know you are participating
  4. deadline: Saturday, February 8th, 2014 
For more details about the challenge visit the class page and click on "Upcoming Events" in the right sidebar. 

You still have time... hurry! you could be one of the 4 winners. I hope you decide to join :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

freebies // The 2014 Designer Calendar + Planners :: February

Can't believe it is already time for you to get the lovely February freebies! Remember, this year's Designer Calendar will not only include downloadable digital calendars to be used on all of your tech devices, but also printable planners for you to keep your things-to-do organized.

February downloadable calendar designed by Emma Frances Designs

This month, two very talented designers joined my yearly project: Emma Hawman and Erin Ibbertson. I love both their styles: Emma's being very romantic and delicate and Erin's very illustrative and cute. 

download : widescreen 1 // widescreen 2 // fullscreen 1- iPad landscape // iPad vertical // fullscreen 2
iPhone3 - iPhone4 // iPhone5 // Samsung Galaxy

Below you'll find three planners: the one Erin especially designed you all, and two made by me. To download the files just click on the links below the images. Remember all three planners are high-res JPG to be printed on either A4 or Letter paper.
download : A4 / Letter

About her cheerful design Erin says: "Let two cheery dachshunds lead you away from the chill of winter, heading towards the lovely blossoming of spring."

download : A4 / Letter

My two planners are pretty simple, but I find them playful and perfect for the month of LOVE ;) What do you think?
download : A4 / Letter

Thank you so much Emma and Erin for taking the time to create such beautiful designs. I hope my readers love them as much as I do!

If you want to see more of my guests' work, you can visit their websites. Don't forget to check their shops in case you want to get some of their pretty patterned products.

Emma :: website / shop // Erin :: website / shop

All designs are for personal use only. You may print the planners and use them as many times as you like, but please remember they may not be resold, modified or otherwise distributed. I'll be happy and grateful to you if you spread the word and feel like sharing them with others through your social media or blogs, but don't forget to credit the original designer and include a clickable link back to the original post.