Monday, March 18, 2013

contests // auf wiedersehen REPEAT(ed) :(

Today's been a heartbreaking day: I got eliminated from REPEAT(ed). Yes, totally unexpected (especially after all the positive feedback I got). I'm really sorry my journey has been cut short, but I'm truly grateful to Ellen and Madeleine for the great opportunity they gave me (I just wish I had had the time to show you more of what I can do). I also feel very proud to have been among the other 9 talented designers. I'm happy I've met you all and I hope we'll keep on building and nurturing our creative friendship. 

I would like to thank the judges of the first challenge, Michele, Kim and Rashida, and REPEAT(ed) creators Ellen and Madeleine for the wonderful feedback. My journey was short but very valuable and a true learning experience. It's been enriching. 

In spite of the grey day (literally), I got to finally finish Lilla Roger's amazing book (review will be coming soon), and I found the wonderful quote above that filled my evening with hope. Thank you Lilla's mom for such encouraging words.