Friday, March 1, 2013

life // Spring

I have been waiting for this day to arrive... finally 

I've been procrastinating for a bit the past two months, but that's going to stop with the eminent bloom of buds. I will start doing all those things I've been saying myself I have to do, and stop leaving everything for later. This weekend I'll define some things and then let you all know, so that you can keep track of me and my development and even 'yell' at me if I don't deliver (hehehe). 

I've been seeing these A Photo a Day challenges (by Fat Mum Slim) for over a year, wanting to do them but there's always something that just distracts me (as usual). I even try last year's November or December's (don't remember exactly), but just posted like 2 or 3 pics. I really want to start and keep working on different creative outlets so that I can keep challenging my imagination and inspiration, so here I go again... I'll set a daily alarm and hope to actually make it all the way through March's A Photo a Day challenge. 

click on the photo to read all about the challenge, the how-tos, and the what-fors :D

Wanna play you too? Visit its post and read all about it. They even have this cool calendar that you can download and will integrate to your own iPhone/iPad, Android (and more) calendars so you will never forget what the daily prompt is... useful, isn't? 

I'll be posting my pics on my Instagram account with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday, so don't forget to follow me to see them all :) And if you decide to join, let me know on a comment where you'll share them so that I can follow your games too!


  1. Can we speed spring up just a little more?

    1. I wish! It's been raining here for a week already, and according to the weather channel it'll continue until the end of the month :(


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