Tuesday, April 16, 2013

contests // 1000 Dog Portraits

Rockport Publishers and Modern Dog Design Co. invited  artists, illustrators, and designers around the world to submit artwork with dogs as main subjects for their next book titled: 1000 Dog Portraits. Being the big dog fan I am, I couldn't not participate. Take a look at the illustrations I submitted :)

Matita is my Italian dog: she's a mixed breed but somewhere in there, there's supposed to be some kind of terrier.
Matita designed by 2008 © Maria José Bautista V

 Bruno is a German Boxer and he's one of the 4 dogs my father has in the farm in Colombia. He's so sweet, in spite of the gladiator face.
Bruno designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

Zagala is my Grandma and Aunt Lili's dog; she's a cute French Poodle. She never gets those ridiculous poodle haircuts, but just for the fun of it, I decided to portrayed her in Paris with a new more fashionable style, hehehe.

Zagala designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

Zagala [detail] designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

And here's Snack, a Beagle. I don't own any beagle, so he's imaginary (and so is his name), but I imagine him being a true explorer ;)
Snack designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

The last one is Woof!: an imaginary mongrel I created for an old Spoonflower contest. You can buy this design on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap here
Woof, Fetch! designed by 2012 © Maria José Bautista V

So… what do you think of them? I hope you like them.
The Judges will choose their favourite pieces today, and I really hope they'll include in some (if not all, hehehe) of mine in the new book.