Saturday, June 15, 2013

events // Pin Hop June 2013

Welcome to the Pin Hop of June 2013. This is the first ever pin hop and it is the innovative idea of Tina Olsson (Fyllayta). Before I continue, I'd like to thank Tina and Gill Eggleston (creator of the fab Find New Designers first surface pattern designers' directory) for organising the pin hop. I'm very excited to be part of this fun pattern event, and hope you'll love it! 

Première Vision + Indigo - A/W 2013-13 - Print Trend Report - Patternbank

We were given the chance to choose from four of the themes part of Patternbank's A/W13-14 print trends forecast. I absolutely loved all 4 themes (Urban MetropolisHistorical AdornmentMidnight Garden + Optical Day), but wasn't feeling they quite suited my style. After thinking what to do for a while, I decided to just choose the one that was sticking out the most to me, and adapt it to me. I chose Historical Adornment because it immediately made me think of Marie Antoinette (I love Louis XVI and Versailles Palace's fashion and decor), big Rococo wigs and cameos (you can see my inspiration board here). 

RocoWigs designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

I'm glad the themes weren't so right up my alley, that way I got to challenge myself and created a new collection that I really love, hehehe. It is now with great honor that I want to present you my RocoWigs Collection. Enjoy!

RocoWigs [detail] designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

RocoFlorals designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

RocoRibbons designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

RocoCake Damask designed by 2013 © Maria José Bautista V

I hope you've liked it, and if you have, don't forget to leave a comment below (it is always super nice to read them ☺). Click here to go back to the Pin Hop and decide where to stop next. If you prefer to hop in order, continue with Ella Tjader Designs' blog and see her gorgeous designs!