Wednesday, June 26, 2013

freebies // The 2013 Designer Calendar :: July

Before I start, I'd like to say sorry if I'm again, not respecting my editorial calendar. I've had some personal stuff to deal with lately and haven't been able to do so. I hope to go back on track soon :P

Now, June is almost over and Summer has officially begun a few days ago! What better way to keep track of all your Summer activities than on this fun and fresh design created by the great Dawn Clarkson? I met Dawn through Spoonflower and then discovered she was actually a British living in Italy (Turin). She is also the person that first told me about The Art and Business of Surface Pattern and I'll always be grateful to her for that ;) Dawn is a wonderful designer, full of energy, and has also demonstrated to be a good friend (even if we hadn't had the pleasure to meet yet -but I hope we'll have it soon!) and that's why I was happy to invite her to my 2013 Designer Calendar project :D

About Dawn:
Dawn Clarkson is originally from the UK but has decided to make her home in the north of Italy. She adores her adopted home of Turin, which like most Italian cities is steeped in history and culture. Dawn is also inspired by nature, especially by her garden and the outdoors in general. Totally in love with the mountains she spends a lot of time in the Italian alps which are close to her home. 
After working successfully for over twenty years as a Graphic Designer she is now doing what she loves most, creating patterns. Her style is bold and colourful, Dawn loves to experiment and use texture in her work. It is quite easy to find a collage or two mixed in with her sketches and patterns! Her dream is to license more of her work and continue to create patterns for a living.

Her quirky detail

"I am a collecter (hoarder) of anything and everything to do with paper, fabric, and small items such as boxes and the like. The strangest objects I collect are fruit boxes because I love the imperfect typography and illustrations to be found on them. So I have piles of wood in my collections too! You never know when these items will come in handy for inspiration… my latest project revolves around using some paper which I have had for 15 years!"

Her favourite Designer:
"It is so difficult to chose one of the many designers I love and admire. I have always enjoyed Brie Harrison's work, it is so colourful and distinctive. She has her own personal style which is constant throughout her work (a thing I aspire to at the moment!) I love her colour palettes which are always bold even when she is designing delicate flowers and prints. I think this is what draws me most to her work and helps to create her strong signature style."
You can download July here or clicking on the download link below the image above, and remember, it can be printed as big as an A3 format (42x29.7cm / 16.5x11.7in). Don't forget to visit Dawn's beautiful blog, like her facebook page and follow her on twitter, and if you want to be delighted by more of her amazing designs, click here.

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