Friday, July 26, 2013

blog lovin' tour // celebration

Hello everyone! and welcome to the seventh and last week of The Declaration of You! Blog Lovin' tour.
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This week is all about celebration. As I mentioned two weeks ago, I have lots to be grateful and celebrate this year (both professionally and personally). How do I usually celebrate big or small happy events? Well… my favourite treat used to be food, but that has to change now that I'm taking a different path on my new self-care journey. I have to learn and stop rewarding myself with food (not that it is wrong for you… it is for me though because I'm trying not to depend so much on my glutton soul). I also like celebrating by sharing my achievement with my loved ones and spending time with them (a movie, a trip, a phone call…), or a little shopping (it doesn't have to be anything super fancy… a nice and new nail polish will serve the purpose!) 

My to-do list is long… very loooooong, and it get's longer every day. I'm sure I could set daily baby goals that would serve as celebration milestones. However, at the moment, I have a particular goal set: to lose weight and exercise (and hopefully learn to enjoy it.) I also know how I'll celebrate each size dropped: giving away the big clothes until I have nothing else left; once I get to my ideal weight (and size), I'll get to treat myself with a new wardrobe!!! Part of my new wardrobe will be designed and sewn by me, yaaaaay! I've always dreamt of making my own clothes (a mini collection for myself that will hopefully get people's attention and become the start of my very own fashion line), but never have because I just haven't felt I could pull my own designs off. When the time to fill my new closet arrives, my biggest celebration move will be to actually sit down, design and manufacture a capsule collection for myself (that I will of course share with you all, so stay tuned for when that moment comes :P )

PS. Self-care update: exactly 5 weeks ago I took the step that will hopefully change my life forever. Everyday that passes I feel better. Eating again is an entire different experience. I'm now eating a wider variety of foods, and it isn't as hard as it used to be a couple of weeks ago. I'm actually starting to enjoy eating (even if just a little bit), and have started to feel psychologically better (I was feeling stressed and afraid eating was going to become a torture and I wasn't going to ever again enjoy the little I could eat.) I've already lost one fourth of the total weight I want to lose, and even though I haven't thrown anything away yet, clothes have already started to feel looser… oh yeah!

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