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SPD RedCarpet // Emma Hawman

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Welcome to SPD RedCarpet Mondays, the series dedicated to surface pattern designers and their work. Today's guest is British designer Emma Hawman, the designer behind Emma Frances Designs.

Hi Emma, tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born and bred in the North Yorkshire countryside, growing up on a farm I was surrounded by tons of inspiration. My mother has always been creative and loves crafts so encouraged me from an early age to pursue my love for drawing, painting and making things. I studied Art and Design and Textiles throughout school and it came as no surprise to everyone that I went on to study Textile Design at the University of Leeds. Now I am freelancing and building my own brand up whilst working part time and looking for new work experience opportunities, so very busy!
What is it that you like about patterns? Which one is your favorite pattern style?
I am quite an organised person (well…my bedroom may occasionally look like a hurricane blew through) so I think the preciseness of technical repeating patterns appeals to that side of me. I honestly don’t think I could pick a favourite style, I love all sorts of different types of patterns, I do love a delicate floral pattern though!

How would you describe your style?
I’d describe my style as using hand drawn sketchy motifs mixed with delicate colour palettes. I try to make it harder to see the repeat in my patterns so you have to work to see the tile.
Where do you find inspiration? Do you follow trends?
I find inspiration absolutely everywhere, I constantly have a camera on me all the time and am always taking photos to draw from. I can’t wait to get back home for the summer and snap up all of the flowers in my Grandma’s garden! I try to keep up with trends and am interested to see what future trends may come about but I don’t often apply them to my work, I like to work freely and let my creativity flow in whichever direction it feels like at the time.

What color palettes do you prefer?
I love anything from pastels to bright contemporary palettes, often in my own home I like quite crisp and clean colour palettes with the odd dash of colour that stands out. In my pattern designing it depends on the feel of the design and what I am designing it for.
When you design, do you do it thinking of a final product? Which market would you like your designs to be on?
Sometimes it jumps out as soon as I draw the motif and sometimes it take a little longer to see which market the pattern would work best in. I absolutely love interiors and the thought of making my homes (and others) more beautiful by filling them with pretty patterns.

Which Design tool can't you leave without?
It has to be my pencil and paper, which is where it all starts. I love my Wacom tablet but much prefer the control I have when I’m drawing on paper. Oh and fineliners! I love the beautifully crisp lines they give.
What has been your greatest achievement so far? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
My first licensing deal has got to be my biggest achievement, it was such a heart racing feeling seeing the email in my inbox! It is such a huge stepping stone in the right direction and I can’t wait for more to come along. In five years I would love to see myself with plenty more licensing deals under my belt, having built my brand up I would like to be selling my own products, hopefully have exhibited at a show and most of all be making a living from doing what I love.
What's your favourite patterned possession? Why?
I have a weakness for pretty patterned summer dresses so have quite a few in my wardrobe (it’s hard to say no to pretty patterns!). Here is my favourite!

Who is your favorite surface pattern designer? Why?
Ah favourite designer! I honestly cannot possibly choose, there are so many talented designers in this industry with so many different styles, I’m awestruck by so many!
Where can we find more of your work and products?
I can be found on my website and blog, and you can contact me via email.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Emma a bit better. Don't forget to check the other places you can find her (above!) :D to see more of her beautiful work! 

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