Friday, August 1, 2014

freebies // The 2014 Designer Calendar + Planners :: August

It's my birthdaaaaaaaay!!! 
ok... not yet, but soon :)
So yes... August is MY month (possessive much? lol), and I'm back with the monthly freebies :) Remember, this year's Designer Calendar will not only include downloadable digital calendars to be used on all of your tech devices, but also printable planners for you to keep your things-to-do organized.

August downloadable calendar designed by Maria José Bautista V

This month I decided to decide the downloadable calendar while Annette Plummer chose to be the fantastic designer to join my yearly project.

download : widescreen 1 // widescreen 2 // fullscreen 1- iPad landscape // iPad vertical // fullscreen 2
iPhone3 - iPhone4 // iPhone5 // Samsung Galaxy

Well since it is my month, and it happens to be the one I celebrate the big 3-0 (o.O), I've decided to treat myself with a colourful cake all month long :) I hope you like it!

Now, take a look at Annette's planner. I love its hand-drawn look! It's a really nice design... very romantic ^_^ To download it just click on the links below the image. Remember the planner is a high-res JPG to be printed on either A4 or Letter paper.

download : A4 / Letter

About her lovely design Annette says: "Hand painted blooms to celebrate the summer, and to remind you to stop and smell the flowers as well as working on your to-do list!"

If you want to see more of Annette's amazing work, you can visit her website ;)

Jolene :: website

All designs are for personal use only. You may print the planners and use them as many times as you like, but please remember they may not be resold, modified or otherwise distributed. I'll be happy and grateful to you if you spread the word and feel like sharing them with others through your social media or blogs, but don't forget to credit the original designer and include a clickable link back to the original post.

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