Sunday, May 19, 2013

giveaway // CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Congratulations girls! Can't wait to see you all in class :D 
Thank you to all of you who participated in the giveaway! As a token of my appreciation, you'll be receiving a little present from me! Check your inbox tomorrow ^_^

Remember, if you want to enroll to my Skillshare class to learn how to create perfect repeat patterns in Illustrator, enroll here! The class is packed with lots of information, interesting interviews from great designers and prizes donated by Spoonflower!!!  The FUN starts June 7th :)

ps. I'm so sorry I skipped today's Mani Sunday and will also be skipping the #52collections update. I've been really busy preparing the course, and have had no time to do the other things I'm supposed to. As soon as I get things done... I'll be back to the regular posts!