Friday, May 17, 2013

design kit // google images

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new Friday editorial: Design Kit. This week a friend designer and I talked about how difficult it is sometimes to find the real owner of an image in order to give proper credit, so I told her how I look for them when I find myself in that situation. I use my favorite image research tools: Google Images

Google Images not only allows you to search for images that match a exact word or phrase...

just type the word or phrase on the search bar... get thousands of images that match the criteria you enter: ideal for inspiration research also allows you to do a search using a specific image.

click on the camera icon on the right of the search bar

decide whether you want to look for it using an image's url or selecting it from your computer

on safari you can only browse for the image and choose it

while on chrome and firefox, you can also drag the image from the folder on your computer and drop it in the search bar

What's awesome about this tool is that you not only get the pages that include the exact same image you've used to do your search, but also shows you alike images (perfect to easily build moodboard with similar visual inspiration), and best guesses for the image (so websites that probably talk about themes related to the visual search).

You can also use it to look for your own work and see who else has shared it or find resembling examples. 

Now it's time to start playing... you'll soon fall in love with this tool and add it to your own Design Kit!