Wednesday, May 15, 2013

style // Styling Made Easy :: summer 2013 IT bag DIY edtition

Hi everyone and welcome to Styling Made Easy, a guide to help you develop and strengthen your own unique style.
Today I want to share with you some great DIY tutorials for you to create your own unique version of this season's IT bag: the clear clutch! There's no reason why you can't follow a trend (if you like it and it suits you), but remember that it is nicer and more striking to make it your own! 
set powered by polyvore

Last year's runways were invaded with clear purses: from clutches to tote bags the desire to show what's inside every woman's magic bag was realized. We're seeing them plain, bejeweled, bag-in-bag, and even colored... Choose your favorite and create your very own version of it following one of the simple tutorials below. 

This one is definitely my favorite because of its minimal essence. I love the pop of the neon inside pouch (and I love the model's neon yellow nails!) This clutch is not only super easy to make, but it is also super easy to personalize: just imagine the inside pouch in whatever fabric you want, even in your very own fabric (you can get it printed on Spoonflower). 

diy box clear clutch by swellmayde

I also like this one... it looks very chic in spite of it being made of a very cheap makeup bag. You can paint the popline edge with bright neon colors to give it your own touch, or you can create something different with the chain... something like this.
diy perspex clutch/cross body bag by the muse tv

I like the envelope shape of this one, but if I were to do it for myself I wouldn't choose such heavy hardware; I would probably not add any straps at all or keep them lighter (like a thinner chain or a nice satin ribbon). I also feel the jewels were just placed there with no actual design thought. I like the idea of embellishing the simple shape, but I would do it differently: maybe some rock-n-roll studs, or just an important jewel closure.
diy chain strap swarovski embellished pvc clutch by stripes and sequins

I like the edge embellishment of this clutch; it is a nice idea that can be applied to other bags (why not to the one above?) I also like that the jewels here looked better placed, but I don't like the contrast between the neon yellow border and the brownish rocks. I would love to see this one with brighter stones... very bling bling, hehehe. 

diy embellished clutch by fashion pooch

This one is another favorite of mine, and it definitely is perfect for whoever likes the idea of a see-through bag without the things inside completely on-your-face! I'm also a big washi tape fun, so I can imagine this clutch turning into a very fun and unique accessory if you play with mix-n-match patterned tape :D

diy washi tape clutch by crème de la craft

Finally, another solution for whoever is not comfortable with going around showing everything there is in the bag. This one is really fun and you can use your own beautiful photos or drawings... why not print one of your favorite patterns and make your own acrylic clutch with it?

diy beach acrylic clutches by because I'm addicted
Let me know if you try any of these tutorials or if you create one of your own (even better ^_^ ). I would love to see what you come up with. I think I'll try making one for myself... I've been dreaming with a Furla clear trunk for the past 3 years; I might keep dreaming of it, but I can still satiate my desire for a transparent bag with one of these, right?