Wednesday, May 1, 2013

news // muyMaJo! now in three languages (and so much more)

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I've been thinking about how to make my blog more interesting and also available to a wider audience for a while... (I've actually been procrastinating 'cause I have tons of things to do and don't know where to start). I decided to stop spacing out and simply do something, so I gave myself a deadline: May 1st, 2013. From today onwards, I will start executing some of the new things I have planned so far.
  1. muyMaJo! will now be written in my three languages: English, Spanish and Italian. This means that many more people around the world will be able to read it, and I will not feel guilty for choosing only one of them :)
  2. I'll finally start the #365patterns challenge (with Zesti's twist). I've been wanting to start since  January and we're almost halfway through the year… it is time to start instead of continuing putting it off.
  3. I will create and follow an editorial schedule: I really want to become a better blogger and want to make this blog a must-read for anyone interested in design. It will take time, but I have to start somewhere, right?
  4. I'll re-start with my weekly Mani Sunday nail-art video-tutorials: I've taken a looooong pause but I've really missed them.
I hope you enjoyed the good news and that you are excited as I am. Do not forget to come back later today to discover Wednesday's new editorial :)


  1. Great idea Majo and I love your old girl logo. I missed it. Will she make a reappearance on your blog somewhere? :)

    1. thank you Tina! I know… I miss my girl too! I'll start using it again more often :)


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