Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Hi! and welcome to my new editorial: Styling Made Easy which will run every Wednesday at 7am (except for today). Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I remember dreaming of living in a Fashion capital and absorbing all the beauty and power of it. As a fashion designer, I think Fashion is much more than trends and nice clothes and accessories. For me, it's an important means we all have to communicate our taste, humour, and beliefs. That's what I love about it: the freedom it gives each and everyone of us to experiment and find our own style. 

However, most people have lost their individuality and have been homologated to everyone else. Just think about it… when go downtown, don't you find hundreds of people all looking alike and wearing almost exactly the same things? To top it off, there are many fashion victims around the world who think it is enough to wear whatever is on trend to look good. Not true! We all need to learn not only what actually suits us (depending on body-type, age, personal colours, etc) but also how to style our favourite pieces to look chic and ready for the occasion. 

I believe fashion should be a personal interpretation of trends and what we like and don't like. Styling Made Easy will be a guide to help you develop or strengthen your own unique style. Every week it will include one of the following themes:
  • how to wear your favourite seasonal pieces
  • the different body-types and the dos and don'ts of them
  • how to identify your personal colours
  • wardrobe must-haves 
  • how to develop your own original personal style so you won't look like your favourite store's mannequins
  • DIY tutorials for you to create or personalise your favourite garments/accessories
I really hope you'll find this new editorial inspiring and dare to step out of the crowd and let your soul and personality shine through your style. 

So, enough blabbing… it's time to start! 

set powered by polyvore
As you all already know, prints and patterns are another big passion of mine, put them together with shoes and I will just lose control (hihihi). This Summer, printed shoes are a must-have, but you could easily fall into the fashion victim bunch if you don't know how to style them. Follow these two simple rules and you'll never go wrong! 
  1. the most important rule is to KEEP IT SIMPLE! : above you can see how varied the trend is; from black + white geometrics  to very colourful and popping florals. There's a print for every taste, but no matter which one you choose, let the shoes be the stars. Wear them with simple solid garments, and if you are one that likes pattern mixing, just remember to choose simple coordinating patterns like polka dots or fine stripes. 
  2. if you don't feel like buying a pair of colourful floral sandals because you know you won't have much chance to wear them, choose a simple b+w animal or tribal print and match them with  a neon top or accessory for a cool and modern look. 


  1. Nice idea, and very motivational... congrats and best wishes for this new journey !

  2. That sounds fab! Will be interested to hear what you will recommend for apple shapes (which is annoyingly what I am no matter what weigh). Will you be putting outfits together?

    1. Thanks Lesley! I will def include the apple body type and will also include outfit ideas :D

    2. Great! I will look forward to it :-D

  3. "let the shoes be the stars" it! great post,'s going to be a very interesting series :-)


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