Tuesday, June 11, 2013

news // The Art of Typography e-class + more

class starts Friday June 14th ^_^

Are you fascinated by typography? Would you like to learn all about it? Create your own font? Be able to make better choices when using fonts? Then, I really recommend you enrolling the Skillshare class The Art of Typography: How to communicate effectively through the power of typography. It is taught by Faye Brown, a very good friend of mine and fellow Surface Pattern Designer with over 10 years of experience. She's a type geek genius and after watching a couple of her video lectures, I can assure you you'll not only learn lots but also have fun!

Click here to enroll and use the code TYPE30 to get 30% off (instead of $20 you'll pay $14!)

If it is your first Skillshare class, click here to enroll and get $10 off (you'll pay only $10). 

Plus, Tigerprint just launched their latest design brief competition, and it is all about Typography and Patterns  Isn't it perfect timing? Learn all about typography with Faye and learn how to create perfect repeat patterns with me! My Skillshare class Reign Repeats started last Friday, but since it is a self-paced class you can enroll whenever you want :) Just click here to enroll and use the code REPEATS to get 30% off (pay $21 instead of $30) :)

In your hands you have the possibility to improve your skills and create the perfect designs to submit to the contest! Tigerprint  has even endorsed both our classes on their blog, yaaaay!

ps. Tigerprint are a UK based design company that creates beautiful greeting cards and giftwrap paper to M&S. The winning design will receive £200!