Monday, September 30, 2013

life // summer update

So I've been kind of out of the blogging scene for the whole Summer, and you have noooooo idea how much I've missed it! It's been a Summer filled with lots of events that have kind of caused me to be away, but I've decided it's time to come back to you and my lovely blog ^_^
Before I do so, I think you deserve a little update (promise to try and be concise!)

June >>>
  • went back home in Colombia for 2 months of summer break in the company of my family
  • my KekaCase licensed tablet cases were launched in their online shop… woohoo! (now they are also available on Amazon UK; how cool is that?)
  • launched my first ever ecourse
  • was a runner-up in MOYO's Floral Twist design brief, yaaay!
  • started my self care journey   
  • began 2 months of self-insight holiday thanks to the fab Blog Lovin' tour organised by The Declaration of You gang (Jessica, Michelle, Abby and Pierre)

July >>>
  • completed the first 3 weeks of my ecourse with success and got lots of amazing feedback from my wonderful students
  • got through the first post-op month: it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't easy either :: starting to eat again was surprisingly difficult
  • I did my best to start my "you gotta move your butt" new life :: for the first month I walked 15min a day (you can't imagine how difficult those 15min were)
  • enjoyed family time

August >>>
  • came back home in Italy
  • got lots of "gosh! you look slimmer…" comments :: they felt good :P
  • turned 29th (geeez! time flies)
  • bought real sneakers for when I'll start some real workout
  • decided to face one of my greatest fears and bought a new bicycle. Yes… riding a bike completely terrified me, but in my journey to a healthier me, I thought it was a good idea to say goodbye to public transportation and hello to eco-friendly transportation (will post about this new experience soon)
  • won Petal to Petal's lovely giveaway (first time ever... so happy!) :: thank you so much Lily! Your work is lovely, delicate and sooooo romantic!!! Really hope to have my very own working space soon so I can start a wall with all the beautiful artwork created by my fellow designers :D

September >>>
  • wrote MOYO's a postcard from… article for their fifth issue :: nice!
  • won Jessica Swift's giveaway (wow! twice in 2 months :) ) :: got the magazine last week and it is truly filled with lots and lots of inspirational women and spaces (thank you Jessica and Where Women Work for the great gift!)
  • spent part of my new iMac's budget in a new gym's subscription (the other half -and more- went on to pay my taxes -sad face-) I didn't get a new fab computer, but I knew getting access to a gym was a more important investment in myself 
  • have been going to the gym 5 times a week… it hasn't been easy 'cause I'm not a sports kind-of-girl. Most of the time I have no desire to go, but I still do (good girl! right?) :: oh! at least now have the proper shoes to use ;)
  • received a lovely efuto envelop made by Studio Alique :: thank you so much Alik, it is gorgeous! 
  • started my third year of German :: didn't study German at all this Summer so it has been hard >:O
  • Zeixs let me know they'll be publishing some of my patterns (or maybe just one, didn't really give me any details) in their upcoming pattern book… another yaaaaay!
  • got an unexpected gift pack from Rachael Taylor Designs filled with some of her beautiful products :: thank you Rachael and Kelly… I love getting surprise mail
  • have started working on some new MaJoBV products to launch soon so stay tuned! :P
  • I fell in love with my bike ♥

whew! finished… for now :P
These past three months have truly been eventful and filled with changes. My weight loss journey continues slowly but steady (I'll blog in more depth about this soon too -with some before and after pics-) However, I've also felt foggy and unable to really focus… my doctor says it's because my body has to still get used to the low caloric intake, other people say it is because of the anaesthesia (its effects are supposed to last for at least a year o.O ). The lack of focus has been the hardest thing and has partly caused me to slow down creating and also blogging, but I'll overcome it! My mind is stronger than the stupid anaesthetic drugs, right?

Anyway, I have some more things to tell you but I rather first properly welcome Fall with tomorrow's beautiful calendar freebie (come back tomorrow to download it), and then I'll tell you everything else :D

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