Tuesday, October 1, 2013

freebies // The 2013 Designer Calendar :: October

Fall officially started a week ago, but it was still warm and sunny in Milan so it didn't feel that way at all. This week looks like it really has arrived with its foggy sky and unpredictable rain. Not a problem though, you know why? Because Jookiku's fun, quirky and colourful October calendar is here to lift us up! Won't your day just get better once you write on this beauty? Sure mine will! It just makes me smile :)  

Julianne Hall (the fab designer behind Jookiku) is an happy Aussie with an adorable little boy. I loooove Julianne's work: it is so whimsical and imaginative. She is really great in creating magical and adorable characters and worlds, and I couldn't be happier to have her as part of my 2013 Designer Calendar!


About Julianne:
Julianne Hall is an illustrator/surface pattern designer whose brand goes under the name of Jookiku; a name not meaning anything in particular, but is inspired by the quirkiness of Japanese design and embodies the flavour of her whimsical characters and brightly coloured patterns.

Julianne completed a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at the University of Technology Sydney. She worked as a textile designer/graphic designer for companies in Sydney, New York and London. Now based back in Australia she is concentrating on her first love: surface pattern design, through her world of Jookiku: brightly coloured patterns filled with winged creatures, kooky castles and quirky animals.

The patterns and illustrations of Jookiku are inspired by children's books (old and new), Japanese design, vintage 'discoveries' such as packaging, clothing and ornaments. Julianne also says that a lot of the time, her little creatures just appear on the page, without too much thought..."these are my most favourite and have the most personality!" she says.

Julianne's passion is designing for textiles and homewares - especially for the children's market. She has signed a new licensing deal with the American based company KekaCase (who produces iphone/kindle and iphone cases) and is looking forward to launching her first range under the Jookiku label towards the end of the year.

Her quirky detail:
"I am obsessed with the colour pink! It makes me really happy. I have splashes of it inside my home everywhere: a cuckoo clock, cat lights, shoes, clothes and even a pink mix-master in the kitchen!"

Her favourite Designer:
"I have 2 favourites: Florence Broadhurst and Lucienne Day.

Florence Broadhurst's work inspired me to want to be a surface pattern designer. When I discovered her and her beautiful patterns, something in me woke up! I am also fascinated by her life story - extremely colourful on so many levels.

I also love Lucienne Day's work for the retro style of it. The gorgeous colours, shapes and linework of her patterns were created in the 1950s/60s, but they are timeless, you would think they were created yesterday!"

You can download October here or clicking on the download link below the image above, and remember, it can be printed as big as an A3 format (42x29.7cm / 16.5x11.7in). Don't forget to visit Julianne's portfolio and blog to keep up to date with her amazing work

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