Thursday, October 3, 2013

blogging // new editorial schedule

As you already know, keeping up with my first attempt of an editorial schedule was too difficult so I've decided to make some changes. I will keep all (but one) of the editorials I've already started, but won't be doing it on a weekly basis. Let's break it down to make it easier:

The series I'll keep are:
  • SPD RedCarpet :: dedicated to surface pattern designers and their work
  • Styling Made Easy :: a guide to help you develop and strengthen your own unique style
  • Beauty Breakdown :: my Thursdays column as a guest blogger on Rachael Taylor's blog where I show beautiful and inspiring beauty packaging
  • Design Kit :: websites, apps, and tools that I consider will help most designers get the work done
  • Mani Sundays :: fun and easy nail-art video-tutorials
  • 2013 Designer Calendar :: monthly freebie/printable beautifully designed calendars just for you!

How often will I have them: 
  • All the other series (except for Beauty Breakdown and 2013 Designer Calendar) will be published two per week, every other week :: so basically, a week I'll showcase a great fellow designer and post a design tool, while the week after I'll post a style guide and a nail-art how-to, and then will blog again about another designer and tool, and so on. 

But that's not it...
  • once a month I'll post around + about images on YouBlog :: pictures of things I find inspiring, nice or interesting wherever I am and/or go
  • every now and then I'll blog about my self-care journey 
  • I can't promise not to just blog about random stuff once in a blue moon :P

NEW!!! You choose, I make! :: I kind of want a bit more interaction between you guys and me ;)
  • Every Wednesday I'll ask you to choose between 2 themes. 
  • The winner theme will be used by me to create a new product for my MaJoBV Digitals shop. 
  • I'll add the new product to the shop the following Thursday (accompanied by either a discount code or a freebie for you ;) ) 

Let's start the fun! 

@majobv: would you like me to create a new collection inspired by the Circus or Superheroes?

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