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SPD RedCarpet // Gill Eggleston

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I'm so happy to be back with my SPD RedCarpet, the series dedicated to surface pattern designers and their work. Today's guest is British designer (living in France) Gill Eggleston, the designer behind Pattern Addict.

Hi Gill, tell us a bit about yourself.
I am British and from a large town in the North West just outside Manchester. I studied a BSc in Textile Design and Design Management at U.M.I.S.T, graduating from there in 1993. I was fortunate enough to start work with Dorma CVHF immediately, initially as a drawing board designer (back in the days when we used to get dirty, using ink, paint, pastels etc plus repaint/rework and rehash of designs by hand). 
I had about 10 months of 'just being creative' then was offered an opportunity to take on further responsibility which lead to subsequent promotions within the studio there over a 5.5 year period. 
The following 10 years involved working in and around the textile industry in a variety of product development and sourcing roles dealing within a myriad of product groups.

In 2008, I left the UK to live in France with my partner. We lived on the Riviera for a few years (which was very nice) then due to work commitments moved up to the Paris region at the end of 2012 from where I have been focusing on breaking into the world of freelance surface pattern and textile design (still early days). 
Pattern Addict' Design Garden came about after I decided to take the plunge into the deep waters of SPD and joined module 3 of the ABSPD course in September last year . As I hadn't worked outside of industry before I felt I may be missing a few key bits of information relating to working in a freelance capacity. It was a worthwhile investment in many respects - mostly because a large group of talent has formed on the back of it which is great to be part of. 
As for the name, well as a pattern addict...the name just seemed so appropriate (plus I like gardening)! :)

What is it that you like about patterns? Which one is your favorite pattern style?
For me patterns bring humour, smiles, colour and even a bit of envy into my world (the latter being envious that I wasn't the designer in a particular instance). The world would be a dull place indeed without pattern. 
I do enjoy the crisp simplicity of Scandinavian designs, they are a complete contrast to my own work really and not a style I have ever designed but maybe that is why I admire it.
How would you describe your style?
Quite bold, colourful, a little quirky. I like to try and create a sense of movement in my designs where possible and retain the nuances of my own hand.
Where do you find inspiration? Do you follow trends?
I look all over for ideas - out and about around the fashion stores, art books, nature, also with the web these days there are lots of resources for finding inspiration - I often take my own photos as start points for textures/florals etc but also like looking at the old school designers as to how they put designs together. As for trends, I tend to be more focused on colour trends as essentially people shop by colour the pattern (not always the case).

What color palettes do you prefer?
I like working towards the brighter end of the colour range so any palette that has fabulous contrasting colours and a few colour oddities in there gets me all flustered as I like to see how I can make them work (or not).
When you design, do you do it thinking of a final product? Which market would you like your designs to be on?
I nearly always think 'textiles' -force of habit- soft furnishings mostly -also I photo map designs onto blanks to see if they look any good for scale/motif etc- I suppose I would have to say textiles/textile products.

Which Design tool can't you leave without?
My hands and black marker pens/pens in general… old school stuff plus scanner or camera.

What has been your greatest achievement so far? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Greatest achievement… mmm I think for me it has to be managing to stay up to date in the industry - I came from a non-CAD background and only recently started using it (from beginning of 2010 really properly) so feel pretty pleased with my progress as it was a major sticking point for me. Within the next 5 years I would like to have put together a small range of my own work - be it surface pattern or illustration and be selling it successfully.
What's your favourite patterned possession? Why?
I bought some Chinese silks scarves while I was in Shanghai, one in particular caught my eye and drew me into the little shop - firstly for colour and also it has butterflies on it which I love! I haven't worn it yet but I will...

Who is your favorite surface pattern designer? Why?
I think for visual aesthetic Eugene Alain Seguy - just love his work. I just have to look at the colours and shapes he created to feel inspired!
Where can we find more of your work and products?
On my website (I have a guest book on my website - I would love if anyone who visits left a bit of feedback), my blog, twitter and facebook page

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Gill a bit better. Don't forget to check the other places you can find her (above!) :D to see more of her beautiful work! 

PS. Before I let you go, I would like to thank Gill for creating and curating The Little White Book (a place to find new surface pattern designers) which has just launched its second edition. 

I'm happy to announce, that also this time I'm part of it ;) Here's my profile… I hope you like it.

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