Saturday, January 18, 2014

bloghop // tropical fusion :: caribbean sea

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the very first bloghop of the year. Just like last year we celebrated Pantone's 2013's color with the Let's Fly! bloghop we wanted to do the same this year to honor 2014's: Radiant Orchid.

a special thanks to Lisa Rivas for the fab logo :)

If you are following the hop in order, it is most probably that you are coming from Rosie Simon's blog and have just admired her gorgeous, bright and fun work. Please now take a couple of minutes to take a look at the designs I've created:

Caribbean Sea · 2014 © Maria Jose Bautista V ·
caribbean sea designed by 2014 ©  Maria José Bautista V

One of the first things that first came to my mind when I read the theme for the hop was fish. Tropical fish are so fun and bright! I knew I wanted them to be the main subject of my designs. I hadn't designed for a while so it was nice to take some time to draw and slowly make one more tiny step towards coming back to my old self by creating something inspired directly by the beautiful and colorful fauna you find under Colombia's oceans.

Wiggly Coral · 2014 © Maria Jose Bautista V ·
wiggly coral designed by 2014 ©  Maria José Bautista V

Thank you so much for stopping by. The bloghop isn't over yet so make sure you visit Leska Hamaty's blog to discover what she's all about! If you have only just found our bloghop and want to start from the beginning, then hop over to Groovity's blog where all the the fun kicked off :) 

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