Thursday, January 9, 2014

news // I'm an official anonymous doodler :)

Today I started exercising again after a loooooong holiday break (oops!), and when I got back home from the gym I was surprised by a white Fedex envelope (I love getting unexpected mail). Wanna guess what was in it?

My very own copy of Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book volume 3... yaaaay!

And did you know I'm one of the 60 artists that were chosen to be featured? 

Life is still hard, but I've decided to move one and make my Dad the proudest of dads from wherever he's watching me now. I know that's what he would've wanted me to do so now it is up to me to honor his memory and work hard to become the person he so long dreamt. 

Today was a nice day; having the book in my hands and seeing my work among other great designers and artists really boost my mood. I need to start appreciating the little things again. I've been secluded in the darkness for so long and it is time for me to get some sunshine! It is hard given what's happened, but I'm sure there are positive things happening around me. I've decided to join the #100happydays challenge to be sure I'll keep my eyes wide open so that I don't miss those happy little (or big) moments. You can follow my journey on Instagram and if you decide to join too, let me know on a comment below where I can follow yours ;) 

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